Clients frequently asked our advice about investing the capital from the sale of their business. From asset allocation to picking the best of class to manage assets, HT Asset Management can guide investment choices through its conflict-free and unbiased platform. The process of managing new wealth presents a complex challenge which involves:

• Defining financial objectives to fit lifestyle choices.
• Knowledge of the risk and return characteristics embedded in the available investment options.
• Selection and monitoring of asset managers and their different offerings.
• Access to aggregated data provided by different parties so as to make high quality decisions in the framework of the client’s total net worth.

Based on the experiences of its principals as company operators and post-sale liquidity managers, HT Asset Management is in a unique position to develop, implement, and monitor an investment program. HT Asset Management can either work in coordination with existing broker dealers, asset managers or other advisors or by providing introductions to pre-selected counterparties that fit the investor’s objectives.

We welcome the opportunity to meet confidentially with potential clients to discuss and assess needs, goals and overall family objectives.

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